Shareholders & Shareholders' meetings (Module 3/Session 5)


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Course outline

 It often falls to the Company Secretary to deal with practical and company law issues in relation to Shareholders to act as an intermediary between the Board and the Shareholders, as well as to coordinate the Shareholders’ decision making process. The Shareholders' meeting is a key corporate body in every company. The Shareholders are notably responsible for deciding on general strategy, amendments of articles of association, appointment and removal of Board members, approval of annual accounts, or dissolution of a company. Therefore, ensuring that all Shareholders’ decisions are taken in compliance with the applicable legislation is one of the Company Secretary’s major roles.  

Course highlights


  • Rules applicable to shareholders

  • Shareholders’ rights

Shareholders' meetings

  • Voting rights attached to a share

  • Holding and convening a meeting

  • Shareholders’ decisions

  • Quorum and majority requirements

Case study: Preparing and holding an annual general meeting

Transfer of shares

Redemption and repurchase of shares

Pledge over shares

  • Recording a pledge in the shares’ register

  • Rights attached to the pledged shares

Case study: Holding a share register

Different types of equity instruments

Case study: Making distribution over shares

Benefits of the program

On successful completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Identify different shareholders’ rights;

  • Prepare and hold a shareholders’ meeting;

  • Create and update a share register; and,

  • Document a distribution and a transfer of shares.

Target audience

Board support personnel, such as current and aspiring Company Secretaries as well as Corporate Officers, including Law Professionals, who support and advise the Board of Directors and Managers, and willing to increase their understanding of corporate governance concepts.


Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg
7 Rue Alcide de Gasperi
    L-1615 Luxembourg
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Date and Time

From 14/11/2019 08:45
To 14/11/2019 17:00

CPD Hours

8.0 hours


ILA - Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs



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