Ice Breaker : comparing through financial reporting

Financial Reporting for Directors

Ice Breaker : comparing through financial reporting

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Ice-breaker: comparing companies through financial reporting

  • Analyzing the financial position

  • Analyzing performance

  • Identifying financial risk factors

  • Identifying performance opportunities

  • Preliminary conclusion on the nature of accounting

Financial reporting & general-purpose financial statements: defining terms & concepts

  • Financial reporting vs. management reporting: a focus on external users vs. internal users

  • General-purpose financial statements vs. special-purpose financial statements: whom and why are we reporting?

  • The stakeholders in the accounting arena: preparers, auditors and users

  • Financial accounting framework: the language and accents of accounting

  • Financial and non-financial reporting: the evolution of external reporting (CSR, CBCR, etc.)

  • Illustrative examples

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