Issues/ questions covered:

21st Century Board Leadership Model - Masterclass (topic 7)

Issues/ questions covered:

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Issues/ questions covered:


  • Has your Board developed a ‘Clear Governance Policy’ anticipating the potential Areas of compromise where the company can compromise the ‘PLANET for PROFIT?

  • Does the Board have an independent agency to critique and validate its Governance Policy?

‘Board Strategy Advisory Committee

Every Organization needs to be realistic and accept the ‘fact’ that seated around the Board table no organization has within itself the knowledge and expertise needed to make ‘21st Century Board decisions’ which stem from the Climate and health emergency, the Technological and Geo Political reality.

By ‘inducting the knowledge and expertise’ required as and when needed to brief the Board of Directors and the Management Committee half yearly at the minimum.

The Composition of the team will be ‘Global/Regional experts’ covering impacts on the Business model & corporate strategy in terms of Climate Emergency/ Health Emergency/ Technological and Geo-Political disruption.

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28/04/2021 17:05 (Europe/Luxembourg)
55 minutes