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21st Century Board Leadership Model - Masterclass (topic 6)

Issues/ questions covered:

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Issues/ questions covered:

The Key question to ask is ‘Has the business model been affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic? Many Business Models will be disrupted and almost defunct in the medium terms, i.e. Tourism and Leisure, Aviation and Maritime, Oil and Gas, Automobiles, Construction and Retail Estate, Manufacture, Mass Agriculture, Traditional education, Financial services.

The Future winners will be Precision agriculture, On-Line Education, On-Line Financial services, E- Commerce, Personal Healthcare, Food processing and Retail delivery, Medical Supply, and services. Post Covid-19, every business needs to re-evaluate the current model if any of the industry sectors that will be affected and re-imagine the business model and strategy in a sector that is a post health emergency 

  • Does the Business have a Revised ‘Business Model, Corporate Strategy and Supply Chain strategy which responds to the 21st Century operating environment with the best strategic advice, input and expertise?

  • Is the Board Tracking Gross Margin by Business, SBU, Division & Brand and taking strategic corrective action?

  • Has the Board assessed the Strategic Cash flow of the business in the short and long term to assess setting up ‘Future reserves’ to survive a crisis?

Every Business needs to ‘Remodel’ its Supply Chain from ‘Outsourced, off-shore’ to ‘In source- In shore’. All Future supply Chains must be reviewed in terms of accessibility in a future lock down. This will make every supply chain more sustainable as it will significantly reduce ‘Logistics, warehousing & transportation’ costs. Supply Chain strategies will migrate from lowest unit cost to lowering COST to the planet. This will be a major change where the true cost of every product i.e. the carbon footprint NOT the financial cost only will determine the final decision.

  • Does the company have a Sustainable Innovation and R&D policy that guides its 'Innovation'?

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