Issues/ questions covered:

21st Century Board Leadership Model - Masterclass (topic 3)

Issues/ questions covered:

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Issues/ questions covered:

  • Has your board assessed the best- and worst-case scenarios of the Health Emergency, in terms of impact on the Business model, Corporate Strategy and Supply chains on the organization’s financial performance?

  • Has your Board a “Code Red Strategy” to cope with future health emergencies?

  • Has your Board a focused ‘Employee, Community & Societal engagement strategy to contribute to their ‘Social progress?’ 

  • Has your Board anticipated the potential impact on Supply Chains and their Vulnerability to the Health emergency?

  • What Potential health emergencies are likely to impact the business model and corporate strategy in the future

  • Has the Board anticipated them proactively and developed a contingency plan to ‘operate’ in such circumstances in the future to minimize impact?  

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24/02/2021 17:05 (Europe/Luxembourg)
55 minutes