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21st Century Board Leadership Model - Masterclass (topic 2)

Issues/ questions covered:

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Issues/ questions covered:

Corporate Strategy, Business Model & supply chain will be directly impacted by the climate emergency. The key question is your Board/CEO developing an urgent response to be part of the solution or is it persisting with a business as usual strategy and as such remain part of the problem?

  • Has your Board assessed the potential risks and impacts of the Climate emergency on your Corporate strategy, business model and supply Chains?

  • Which UNSDG's must the business focus on to impact the green recovery?

  • Has the Board a “Climate Emergency Response Strategy” which covers the following:

    • A Fossil Fuel exit strategy by 2030

    • A Climate emergency mitigation and adaptation Strategy

  • Is the Company part of the problem of global warming/Climate emergency, or does it target to be part of the solution?

  • Does the company have a ‘sustainable procurement’ policy and strategy?

  • Does the company have a policy on banning and boycotting ‘single use plastics’?

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